Coloured Cardboard Boxes

Coloured Cardboard Boxes

Coloured cardboard boxes involve using dyes that are environmentally safe. We do this as we know that eventually your cardboard box, or boxes, will have to be disposed of. We also use dyes that are not harmful to humans as we understand that children like to chew on anything.

Benefits of using coloured cardboard boxes

Branded Cardboard Boxes


The benefits of using coloured cardboard boxes vary from a marketing benefit through to a product recognition benefit. In marketing, using colours to associate your brand, can have a lifelong impact on your customers.

As an example, the power of a colour is used to perfection in the pallet industry by CHEP. Whenever someone sees a blue pallet they instantly make the association with CHEP. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were using blue boxes, or any other colour that matches your branding, people would automatically associate the colour of the boxes with your business.

Product Identification & Instant Recognition

Branded Coloured Cardboard Boxes


In a warehousing environment and a pick and pack environment, this allows instant recognition of what product is in each box. Here you can use a combination of different coloured cardboard boxes to reduce downtime in locating a product on your shelves or racking. Many people have used colour coding for various tasks within business but, it is rare to find it being done in a warehouse environment.

Obviously colour coding has its limitations as there are only so many colours and if you have thousands of products this may not work as well.

Other features of coloured cardboard boxes

Coloured cardboard boxes are fantastic to use for gift boxes. Imagine if it was Christmas time and a customer makes an order and they receive there order in a box dyed in Christmas colours (green and red). Their excitement would grow and the wow factor when opening the box to see their newly purchased item would be enhanced.

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